08 July 2016

Kindness and Goodness of a King

o From the Desk with Bill
Greetings Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a nice day, I had a nice day yesterday catching up on emails and went to Grace Baptist and listened to my good brother Michael Boyd on Goodness and Kindness and How David treated Mephibosheth who was the son of Jonathan who was also crippled. Will share notecard under Cornerstone.
o Family News
Not much on family news except everyone is doing better.
o Cornerstone
―Time to Grow – Kindness and Goodness When No One Notices
Introduction: Though David and Jonathan could have become bitter enemies fighting to gain the kingship of Israel, God instead forged a strong friendship between them. Although kings of his time were known to eradicate all competition, David made a vow with his friend saying that, as king, he would not wipe out Jonathan’s family. David upheld his vow by blessing Jonathan’s crippled son, Mephibosheth, providing us with an excellent example of kindness and goodness from which we can make application for our lives today.
1. Show Kindness to Family and Friends (2 Samuel 9:1)  We need to make sure that we are displaying kindness to our families and friends. This may seem like a given, but many times it is those closest to us that get the short end of the stick. Instead, take initiative and show kindness, praying as David did, ―Lord, is there anyone still left to whom I can show kindness for your sake?
2. Show Kindness to Someone who can’t Return the Favor (Matthew 25:37-40)  It’s very easy to be selective with our kindness and goodness. We tend to make decisions based on whether or not there’s something in it for us, and so we have to evaluate our motives. You experience a fulfillment when God uses your kindness and goodness to touch someone who may not be able to return the favor, and you never know how your love may impact someone else.
3. Show Kindness when it May not Be Deserved (Ephesians 4:32)  Sometimes you can give a lot to people, but instead of them continually being grateful, they turn on you and expect more. Sometimes they are even critical of you and can stab you in the back. No matter the outcome, the Spirit filled Christian should take the high road and continue on the path of kindness.
Conclusion: David displayed godly kindness to Mephibosheth providing us with a great example that we should imitate. But do not make the mistake of solely comparing yourself to David—he really isn’t the one with whom we find common ground. Our story of sin tends to instead parallel Mephibosheth’s life. Like Mephibosheth, we have fallen into sin and are spiritually paralyzed for life. Yet, God knocks at the door of our hearts inviting us to enjoy His spiritual riches, to sit at His table, and to be adopted into His family. We don’t deserve God’s grace; and yet He offers it to us through Jesus Christ.
o Interesting reads
4-marks-of-a-godly-husband by Tim Challies
Your only hope is that God does not love as you do by David Murray
o Tech corner
Excellent post from Evernote
Timeless Note-Taking Systems for Students by Taylor Pipes

29 December 2015

After Christmas Blog

o From the Desk with Bill
Greetings Everyone, I hope you had a nice Christmas, I have to say I didn't starve, ate more than I needed probably but that's fine. We celebrated this Christmas with our daughternlaw and her family, had fun with the kids and enjoyed a nice Christmas Lunch with them. Then that evening we went to the Stowers and McKenzie's for Christmas Dinner. Had a lovely time at both places.o Family News
We have a new addition to the family
Indianna ~ Born 2.Nov. 2015 to Bryan and Kylee. This makes Jessica a big sister now and she seems to enjoy her baby sister. We all love the new addition.
Today we are celebrating my wife's birthday. I am truly blessed to have her as my wife, to me she doesn't seem to age since the day we got married so I will continue letting her do what she does best.
Mum In law is still doing well with us and enjoying her time with the great granddaughters.
Everyone else is doing well and staying busy with odds and ends.
o Weather
It's hot and humid here in Auckland, but with the windows open we have a nice breeze come now and again through the house. I hear my family back in Texas is having Tornado warnings and according to my cousin Theresa photo on my facebook she might need a boat soon due to flooding.
o Cornerstone
This is a hard one to write but I won't mention the name but our Church lost a Great Brother and Elder on Christmas Eve morning. It really come to a shock to us all. He will surely be missed, I remember him coming to me and talking with me the first time and always had a nice smile. He left behind his wife and three children,brothers and also parents. I am truly glad that I got to know such a fine brother. He will definitely leave a hole in the Church family. Please keep his family in your prayers.
o Health Corner
Diabete or not, great idea to stock your kitchen with.

Excellent video on Sugar to watch ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

14 June 2015

Family News, Readings and Rants

o From the Desk with Bill
           Good day Everyone. It has been rather busy around here. I do my best in looking after my granddaughter Jessica and also looking after my mother-in-law. Well my weight is climbing again but not at a fast rate as before which is good but on the other hand I seem to seem to tire easily due to my hypothyroid even though some people just don't quite understand that and think you should just get passed it. My depression seems to have gotten better since I have been taking Vitamin B at midday and my depression medicine in the mornings also I take Iron Fizz which is Vitamin B12 & C & Folic Acid which helps in the morning fighting fatigue and boosts energy. I am hoping to lower my cholesterol without taking the pills prescribed by the doctor so if anyone is taking a vitamin for it and it seems to help let me know. My hearing goes up and down and lately I been having this noise in my ears even though there's no noise going on can be very annoying especially when trying to get some sleep. I did have a migraine a couple days finally got over it mid morning.

o Family News
       My Mother-in-law has moved in with us yesterday due to her memory failing her at times and also she said she didn't like being on her own at the village/apartment she was staying at,as she felt she didn't fit in like before and really didn't hold to same conversations as the other residence living there even a few would talk about her which wasn't nice either. Anyway she is a great help with granddaughter and plus it gives her a chance to spend that time with her great granddaughter.  
      Delwyn has a job now working for Explore Group which they take people on trips to Waiheke Island and other islands and also the Bay of Island up North and also the  Sydney Harbour in Australia. She is an Accounts Clerk doing debtors and creditors etc.

Allan is still mowing yards,Church cleaning and also is now working for Grace College doing the videos and sound system and also on Sunday Mornings at times working the Videos and or sound at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Bryan & Kylee is expecting their second child which is a little girl whose name will be Indiana. So Jessica will be a big sister.

o Weather
         It's been quite chilly as we are in our Winter season but some days are pleasant during the day. The worse comes in July and August.

o Cornerstone
         This Cornerstone comes from reading Peter Cockrell blog “Already not Yet” you can read more of his post @ http://pjcockrell.wordpress.com.
But He posted a blog that hit me right between the eyes most of the time I did skip Church because of being unwell but I got so comfortable at it that I thought oh well no one really misses me so Id skip a Sunday or two when I was well. Anyway the post Peter posted came from a person name Nathan Rose and you can read his post here. http://ftc.co/resource-library/blog-entries/5-spiritual-dangers-of-skipping-church#.VXL17cw0k-Q.facebook

The ones that got my attention most was 2,3 and 4

2 ~ You disobey God. Well for one I never thought of the intention of disobeying God like this, it never really crossed my mind that this was out of a disobedience. I do now. Ouch.

3 ~ You make a statement to the world that God is not worthy of worship.
    Again I never thought of it this way either but on this note I was in fellowship with Christians at Grace Baptist SL even though this might not be face to face to fellow believers it was among believers and reading and studying God's word. I never thought of just because some Sunday morning I didn't go to Church that I thought I was making such statement.

4 ~  You can’t minister to anyone.  I personally don't feel that I can or could ever be of a minister to anyone with my presences perhaps its due to my past with depression and lots of people in general who has broken me over time with their words and or actions.
I do believe we are to edify one another and or build one another up in Christ.  I am very sceptical of people and 70% of the time my gut is right so to speak.
Looking back I would never guess that I used to teach young adult classes, sung in a Choir or even take up the offering and lead the prayer over it,  also I used to take bulletins for Elderly people of all different kind of denominations and had devotional with them,even welcome people into the Church I feel as though I'm talking about a complete stranger. It was even a shock to me when Grace Baptist asked me to become an Elder for their Church. So I am in prayer that God will continue to use me where He wants me to be.

o Cookbook Corner
       This recipe comes from the Southern Lady Cooks on Poppy Seed Bread if this sounds interesting to you go check it out @ http://thesouthernladycooks.com/2015/06/02/poppy-seed-bread/

o Health Corner
              Allan showed me a video on “fed up” talking about Sugar which I found very interesting even though I have my shortcoming as being from the South I love foods the sweeter the food the better even though I can see the danger it causes. The allowed maximum is 4 teaspoon, we all know you going to get much more in America foods and even in New Zealand food is starting up the ladder following the habits. Anyway here is a graph showing you the different names of sugar so you can keep an eye out if you are trying to watch what your eating,
More on Sugar @ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/31384528630118491/

o Tech Corner
          As some of you know I'm a big Google freak I prefer it to most things even the blue rubbish of facebook every time I see the “F” on Facebook and I immediately think Failure, It was good when it first started out then it started going to the dogs in my book and also noticed from a list that they support the same sex marriage, yes I still use it and I even have two of them because a majority of my family or friends use it and doesn't care to go elsewhere but in the near future I WILL be leaving them both for my Google+. I deleted my Ello acct. as well. I will do what's best for me and works for me rather I'm right or wrong. Anyway not to rant on Facebook as much as I did hahaha. Another program I use so far is todoist and Google Calendar. Well now wonderful things are happening so go check this site out and learn of new things you can do to make things a bit easier for you I enjoy using them both.

Well that's all for now until the next time I write
God Bless