19 January 2017


Good day Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well, for me it’s been a tad rough from being sick with a bug, having wisdom teeth pulled and every day stressful stuff happening to us all but we continue to pray and press on. If I’m not pressing I am possibly sleeping from burnout.

Family News
It’s been quite busy here with grand-kids and as yesterday, Delwyn, her brother Ashley and other family members been busy with Lamb that Ashley brought down to sell.
Lots of Birthdays this month in the family and memorial. I am going to have to write them on my calendar sometimes like Delwyn does cause my memory can get a bit bonkers at times, even though I claim to be bonkers too and Delwyn would agree. Haha.
So yeah got some teeth pulled they call them wisdom teeth but I have no idea why nor do I really care. But the dentist Dr. Aisha Ali was very nice and gentle with me knowing how much I hate needles it wasn’t as bad as needles in my arms which I reject unless I am out of it and way too sick to care.


Great post by CovenantEyes/Peter Kleponis.@ http://www.covenanteyes.com/2017/01/12/trigger-alert-whats-yours/

Also, If you get a chance stop and watch Steve Lawson doing Men’s Bible Study @ http://www.onepassionministries.org/the-mens-bible-study/

Tech/Social Corner
Facebook seems to be at it again, check out this post made by SocialMediaToday,@ http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-networks/facebook-updates-desktop-messaging-inbox-deepens-connection-messenger
Okay that’s all for now until next time,
God Bless – Bill

04 January 2017

A visit to the New Doctor.

Manurewa Healthcare

Good day Everyone,
I didn’t get much sleep last night coughing throughout the night, I am surprised I didn’t keep Delwyn awake but she was too tired to bother.
Went to the doctor today for my regular visit and to also meet my new doctor, I do miss my last doctor but I will give this doctor a chance.
I believe I am improving, got me some pineapple juice and Spirit to help with this cold today after visiting doctor and chemist.
Family News
Today, if my Father-in-law would have still been alive, would have been 92 years old.
Allan was a happy camper today with the hard work he had been doing for his Uncle, he was able to buy himself a nice cordless drill. The joys of buying good working tools.
My oldest granddaughter Jessica as been getting used to Farmville 2 on Facebook. She loves animals so it seems and also foods like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, her parents Bryan and Kylee get her to name her food she is eating and she soaks up the information like a sponge.
Indianna the youngest granddaughter, on the other hand, enjoys beating a home-made drum from a baby formula can. Bang bang bang aaaaagh my head, might have to send that thing back home.
Interesting read
Health Corner
Okay that’s all for now until next time,
God Bless – Bill

08 July 2016

Kindness and Goodness of a King

o From the Desk with Bill
Greetings Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a nice day, I had a nice day yesterday catching up on emails and went to Grace Baptist and listened to my good brother Michael Boyd on Goodness and Kindness and How David treated Mephibosheth who was the son of Jonathan who was also crippled. Will share notecard under Cornerstone.
o Family News
Not much on family news except everyone is doing better.
o Cornerstone
―Time to Grow – Kindness and Goodness When No One Notices
Introduction: Though David and Jonathan could have become bitter enemies fighting to gain the kingship of Israel, God instead forged a strong friendship between them. Although kings of his time were known to eradicate all competition, David made a vow with his friend saying that, as king, he would not wipe out Jonathan’s family. David upheld his vow by blessing Jonathan’s crippled son, Mephibosheth, providing us with an excellent example of kindness and goodness from which we can make application for our lives today.
1. Show Kindness to Family and Friends (2 Samuel 9:1)  We need to make sure that we are displaying kindness to our families and friends. This may seem like a given, but many times it is those closest to us that get the short end of the stick. Instead, take initiative and show kindness, praying as David did, ―Lord, is there anyone still left to whom I can show kindness for your sake?
2. Show Kindness to Someone who can’t Return the Favor (Matthew 25:37-40)  It’s very easy to be selective with our kindness and goodness. We tend to make decisions based on whether or not there’s something in it for us, and so we have to evaluate our motives. You experience a fulfillment when God uses your kindness and goodness to touch someone who may not be able to return the favor, and you never know how your love may impact someone else.
3. Show Kindness when it May not Be Deserved (Ephesians 4:32)  Sometimes you can give a lot to people, but instead of them continually being grateful, they turn on you and expect more. Sometimes they are even critical of you and can stab you in the back. No matter the outcome, the Spirit filled Christian should take the high road and continue on the path of kindness.
Conclusion: David displayed godly kindness to Mephibosheth providing us with a great example that we should imitate. But do not make the mistake of solely comparing yourself to David—he really isn’t the one with whom we find common ground. Our story of sin tends to instead parallel Mephibosheth’s life. Like Mephibosheth, we have fallen into sin and are spiritually paralyzed for life. Yet, God knocks at the door of our hearts inviting us to enjoy His spiritual riches, to sit at His table, and to be adopted into His family. We don’t deserve God’s grace; and yet He offers it to us through Jesus Christ.
o Interesting reads
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o Tech corner
Excellent post from Evernote
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